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It is the mission of International Children’s Television (ICTV) to create quality programming for kids in South Asia and around the world.

With 500+ million children under the age of 14, South Asia has the largest child population in the world, yet there is virtually no educational programming designed specifically for them.

These children represent wide socioeconomic, ideological and geographical divides, but through the internet, kid’s content can now reach children everywhere, and is uniquely positioned to be a powerful 'equal opportunity' teaching tool.

ICTV is dedicated to producing educational content that not only reflects the look and feel of the region for kids in South Asia, but also introduces this magical world to children everywhere.

The Magic Tent features puppets, original music, story telling, and comedy. In each episode the characters face a dilemma and resolve it using critical thinking techniques.

The curriculum emphasizes problem solving by:

• Asking questions
• Gathering facts
• Looking for creative solutions
• Developing informed opinions

The Magic Tent also encourages leadership and peacemaking by stressing four key building blocks:

• Appreciating diversity
• Seeking different points of view
• Valuing oneself and others


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